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The Author

Written and published by - Candace Johnson
I’ve always loved that God blessed me with a creative gene. It affects everything from what I wear in the morning to how I parent my children. I believe imagination fuels creativity and creativity fuels imagination; and I’m thankful to live in both worlds!

Over the years, I’ve cultivated that creativity with different hobbies like, photography, graphic design, interior decorating, painting, poetry… I even created a prototype for an invention! But I’ve always had a true passion for writing. My middle school English teacher graded one of my papers and wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see your name in print one day! Great job!!" Who knew that comment was prophetic!

Lauryn and the Butterfly

Lauryn's dear friend arrives in Heaven and is amazed! But she doesn't want Lauryn to be sad and with the help of someone special, sends Lauryn a beautiful gift.

Words of Comfort

Testimonies of Encouragement

Cameron’s Dream is a well written book from a child’s perspective. It will be a crucial tool in helping children deal with the loss of loved ones. This is a much needed book.

Inspirational books are very abundant. Most of them, if not all are written from an adult view point. So how does a person who isn’t an adult deal or cope with losing a loved one? Cameron’s Dream is the perfect story to help children understand that losing a loved one doesn’t mean that the person is unhappy, nor that they have to be unhappy themselves and that it’s ok to miss that person, but knowing they are in a much better place since being promoted to be with God and being loved eternally is what this book illustrates completely. The drawings and illustrations are amazing. I highly recommend this book.

Your book truly warmed my heart and has turned my thoughts more positive rather than negative. A huge quote that has stuck with me through this is, that it is not a time to be upset because in reality the person whom is going through a rough time is going to get promoted to a much better place. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful book. You and your family are truly amazing.

I loved this book, even as an adult! The message is simple but impactful…we all forget when we lose a loved one to picture their happiness in “being promoted.” What a gift! I’ll keep sharing!

What a fabulous read for young & old. My family loved reading it, as we made connections with not only Cameron, but to our family members as well.

Faith-based Children's Books

Why I write faith-based books...
I love having the opportunity to put a book in a child's hands, that has the potential to grow their relationship with Jesus and impact the world for His glory – and that's what I'm aiming to do as an author! Even with the naming of my publishing company, TryFaith Publishing, I want to invite readers to seek God, biblical guidance and faith to the often overwhelming and emotional issues in their lives.

Cameron's Dream

Cameron is a dreamer! One night, Cameron is given a dream so special, he’ll cherish it forever.

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